“Coach Franklin played a large role in my success at Cal and helped me become the #1 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft for the Los Angeles Rams. His daily emphasis on fundamental drills, simple- yet effective methods of recognizing and dissecting a defense, as well as his emphasis on life skills and giving back to society not only helped me prepare for the NFL , but more important, to be a success in life.”


"I'd like to thank Coach Franklin for the significant impact he's made on my life from a football aspect and the overall life lessons he has taught me. I have never had a coach change my outlook on life more than he has in these past 3 years. He has taught me so much about myself and guided me in the process of being a Division 1 quarterback week in and week out. I would not be anywhere close to where I am now without him."






"Tony Franklin had to get fired, blackballed, and cast out of the coaching community to arguably do more for the evolution of football at the high school and lower levels than any coach of the last decade."




I have been a Tony Franklin System client for 18 years in three states at five different coaching stops.  Tony continues to be a trendsetter in helping coaches and teams achieve their goals and realize their dreams.  The new TF 365 is a tremendous product and another timely innovation.  I look forward to opening the TF 365 email every day and getting a daily refresh/update to keep me on track with the best and latest teaching Tony has to offer.                       

Jep Irwin (South Laurel HS)


Through the Tony Franklin System, we've taken coaches from a variety of offensive backgrounds to create one language and vision. Our kids have bought in because of the direct connection to major college programs and players like Jared Goff who've had success in the system. The teaching points, film work, and numerous available resources Tony has put together and continues sharing has given our offense an identity we can hang our hats on. Subscribing to the Tony Franklin System has been one of the best decisions I've made as the head coach at Lakeland Union High School since taking over the program in 2016.

Dan Barutha (Lakeland Union)


TFS 365 is unlike anything else currently on the market. This is our 4th season as a TFS client, and we are better each year because of the amount of detail Coach Franklin puts into his teaching. Rather than a jam-packed few days of clinics, TFS 365 has allowed for a more thorough look at cutting-edge concepts while also providing personal coaching for our players. 

Riley Gross, Offensive Coordinator, Gretna High School, NE


The decision to become a client of Coach Franklin has made me a better coach and has greatly improved our program. The transition to the new TF365 has been phenomenal. I look forward to the daily recorded sessions as do our assistance coaches and some of the players. The quarterbacks love the sessions that are geared directly towards them. As always, the level of detail is what separates TF365 from other services. 

Anthony Cracco (Bellmore NY)


TF 365 has provided me with the necessary tools needed to be successful as a Head Coach and  Offensive Coordinator. Access to life skills, game planning, practice flow, concepts, drills, and professional mentors are all at the push of a button.  I’m really excited about applying these methods to our program. I am and #WeAreTF365! 

Randell Legette


Tony Franklin never disappoints. He is innovative in the sport of football and in the game of life. I’ve been a client for 15 years. In that time we have won district, city, and state championships. I have also never had the feeling of “This is just the same old stuff.”  Tony evolves every year.  Even though he has stepped away from coaching, this year is no different. TF 360 is a great tool for me and my staff. The videos are less than 10 minutes, to the point and informative, and perfect for all high school coaches who are very busy. Tony Franklin is and always has been cutting edge. 

Brett Manning(MacArthur High School)


Can't say enough about the 365 format! I wish I had time to sit down and watch hours of clinic tape everyday but that's just not reality. The 365 content is awesome and since each lecture is in a smaller time frame I have time to watch them every single day. Each presentation has something actionable I can share with our coaches and position players and they can fit it into their schedules as well. It's only February and our QB's have gotten ideas and drillwork on how to improve straight from coach Franklin, our assistants have identified areas for self improvement, and I have gotten some great book suggestions from Coach Franklin. I am really excited about the format and can't wait to see what is in store for the rest of the year!

Ben Powell (HFC Haynes Academy)


I've been with TFS nearly 20 years and COACH TF 365 is his best idea yet.  Our QBs absolutely love his tutorials on QB technique and get to see cut-ups of great QBs like Jared Goff. Coach TF 365 also gives great coaching advice not just football, but great life lessons he and others have been through. IF you want to get back to scoring more points and winning ball games, join TFS.

John Edge (Apollo)


With many players spread out right now due to COVID-19, weather-related issues, and spring sports, Coach Franklin has been just like another coach to our quarterbacks by providing them daily instruction on drills, schemes, and situations. His guidance has given us an opportunity to keep our program in front of our players.

Jared Mills (Wilson, AL)






Our time spent at Tony Franklin’s inaugural OC Magic session in Texas, allowed staff understanding around the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ for teaching and calling this offensive system.  The deep understanding that our kids gained throughout the season, as imparted by my coaches, provided the necessary confidence to earn our school’s third state title of the decade and our first since moving to TFS two years ago.  Truly transformative.

Walter Harmon (South Anchorage, AK)


Really appreciate the help/advice. I took everything you talked about and worked him out before our game. He had a good night throwing the ball. Ended the night 22/39 381 yards 6TDs. Not bad and definitely wouldn’t of been that good without your help. Thanks again for everything!

Randy Ragland (Middle Creek, NC)


Let Tony know, no one thought we'd win a game, just won district title 60 to 52 with less then a minute to go. Oh got the 2 seed. Tell Tony thanks and congratulations on the win. God bless

Dale Hooper (Lordsburg, NM)


Best one I’ve been too! It amazes me how the system has grown and sustained for 19 years. Tony, yourself and all the staff have helped each program change the lives of our players by giving us a product to win. Thanks for all you do and can’t wait until next year.

Logan Colafrancesco- John Carroll Catholic (AL)


This is an incredibly thorough and awesome breakdown. You clarified a great deal of ideas that I already had but was having trouble deciding on which to implement. I really appreciate it- this was amazing stuff!!!

Anthony Cracco (Mepham, NY)


This system has been well worth the money. For us it has been a game changer I believe. I have been back through today and watched every quarterback rep of the summer, we have to get better but there are some pretty good stuff in there. Stuff that we would have never been able to do without the way that we practice.

Aubrey Carter (Marvins Ridge)


Much appreciated for all your help, instruction, and assistance again. We're very happy working with you guys

Dan Barutha (Lakeland Union, WI)


Hey I just want to thank you for all your help this year. We just missed the playoffs but it was a great season. I was chosen to coach the All-Star game as the OC. That would not be possible without your help. I appreciate all your help this year! It’s helped me win games and much better play caller!

Brian Palone (St. Cloud, FL)


We absolutely will be back...We back in the playoffs avg over 30+ a game....QB avg 227 yards total per game as a Soph (2nd Year starter)...everytime we come to your clinics we’ve been in the playoffs...will be back hoping to help QB to understand the passing game better and get the OL Pass Pro better. THANKS TONY!!!

Michael Scott (Petersburg, VA)


Thanks for your suggestions last week. They helped! We won our game and are on to round 2! The quick motion angle route to the running back helped get the offense rolling

Joe Blaszkow (Hayfield, VA)


Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and the difference you've made in my program and my life.

Billy Mills (Dinwiddie, VA)


Tyler talk about cool as heck stuff with the clips too. Man that is a huge help. We have been struggling this year after 12 years of being really good. This is the start of district week too. Will be running this for sure.

Jeff Werner (Sedwick, KS)


We upset the #6 ranked team 49-46..scored with 18 seconds to go..thanks for your help

Thanks to your help we upset our week 3 opponent and won 30-29...drove the length of the field and won it with 42 seconds left.

Kerry Martin (Marion, IL)


I also want to thank you and Tony, and everyone who has worked for TFS over the last decade for everything.  10 years ago I was on the brink of getting fired.  Went to the system and changed my career.  8 playoff appearances in the last 10 years, just clinched our 6th conference title, we are currently 8-0 and as of last week were the highest scoring team in the state of Michigan.  Thanks for everything.

We are averaging 530 yds. and 53 points per game through nine games (9-0).

Jeremy Andrews (Watervliet, MI)


Can not thank you enough for the help! Almost had 600 yards of offense on them, like you stated they had a lot of trouble with back out of the backfield.

Shane Sams (Warner Robins, GA)


Thanks for including the audio file in the email. Much easier to listen to on my phone or computer or laptop without tying up my phone.  Thanks again for that...and this weekly content. It really is a big help.

Lou Edwards (Lakeside, OH)


You are doing a fantastic job getting all this stuff up and organized. Better than it’s ever been....it wasn’t bad before. And it’s up really fast! Maybe the best resource we have as a staff. Keep up the good work man! We all appreciate it. Making our lives much easier. Thanks again! 

Buzz Edwards (Lakeside, OH)


We open up the season against the number ranked opponent who also has been our nemesis on and off for decades. We have not beaten them since 2002. It has been over 30 years since our school has beat at their place. Were ranked # 4 playing them there. We were up 25 to 21 with little under 2 minutes left in the game. Been here before and lost with this team. They called their last time out. I remembered from the CNF call run the F with toss with Ace, we did it big run sealed the victory. Thank you Tony and thankful for the conference call.

Steven Allosso (Minnechaug, MA)


Our QB threw for 550 yards which is the 13th best in Ohio high school history! Thanks again and good luck today!

Jonathan Hunek (Berea-Midpark, OH)


We would have not won a couple of games this year if it was not for your help.  Thanks for everything you do; it means a lot. We scored two touchdowns and had some key plays off of the rubs/ picks you sent us last week.  You were a huge help in us winning. 

Will Barnes (Caldwell Co, KY)


I'm very appreciative of what you and Coach Franklin do. I was able to run the system in high school and play in a pair of state titles. I know that I would not be in the position that I'm in as a coach if it wasn't for what Coach Franklin does.What you guys do has a tremendous impact on coaches as well as players. Like Coach Boyles, I was fortunate enough to have run the system in high school and learned the game of football by watching old DVD sets every off-season. There is no doubt I would not be the person or coach I am today without the Tony Franklin System. 

Riley Gross (Gretna, NE)


The info you gave us last time helped us to knock off a top 10 team in 6a.  It was great info.  You are doing a GREAT!!! job with all the info you are sending out and your film review is extremely detailed and spot on.

Justin Rogers (Jones Co, GA)


We went 2-18 the past two years but if we win tonight our regular season record will be 6-4 and we will make our State Playoffs for the first time in school history.

Mat Mcintosh (Community Christian, OK)


We just finished the first 10-0 season in the history of our school (since 1924). 

We set a new single game scoring record at 70 points, in back to back weeks.

We set the new season scoring record with 523 points. With an average of 52.3 ppg we are 3rd in the state of Alabama, in all classes.

We won our region for only the 4th time in school history.

We will have 2 1000 yd receivers.

Our RB has rushed for over 1500 yds and has 24 rushing TD's.

Our QB has thrown for over 2500 yds and has 40 TD's with only 3 picks.

On to the playoffs… 11-1

10-0 Regular season (never been done here)

Averaged 52.3 PPG, 3rd in ALL classes in the state of Alabama

QB threw for 3021 yards, 46 TD's, 6 Int's

RB rushed for 1669, 25 TD's

2 1000 yard WR

Broke every offensive record at our school, literally

Joel Schrenk (Falkville, AL)


Great clinic ! Really enjoyed it. Really appreciate you and Tony work on this. One of the best I have been to.

Bruce Miller


I really appreciate all of your help this season and look forward to the clinic.  We would not have averaged 31+ points per game without your help.  12-3 overall, CIF Champions in our second year at a school that was 1-29 the previous 3 seasons before we arrived.  Appreciate it coach. CIF Championship game is next week. Could not have done it without your guys help.

Juan Merida (Temecula Valley)


Our offense ranks as #7 in points per game since 1999 and still 2 games left. Thanks for all your advice!

We appreciate all this system has done for us.  In the e-mail below is what we all accomplished this year in year 3 of rebuilding Elmwood Football.  Thanks for everything you guys have done for us:













Greg Bishop (Elmwood, OH)


Took over 0-10 team .. scored 52 points ALL last year (worst in TN high school football).  This year .. 8-3 .. 37.1 points per game, #1 in all Division 2 for TN high school football!  Most Improved team in the state .. THANKS for working with us!!!  

Jeremy Bosken (Boyd Buchanan, TN) 


62-45 no way we win this game without the strength of The strength of the System!  Thank you for all your help.

Mark Medrano (Australia)



"...Going to this offense has turned this program around and given a program that had gone 5-45 to 106-34, one state championship, and two state runner ups in the last 12 years..."



“...Program changer, thinks outside the box, best thing that ever happened to us, he's the best there is.... We were ranked 109,111,112, and 113th in NCAA D1 offense...Now we are in the top 20 as well as winning back to back conference championships...”



Thanks for all your help over the past 5 years, going to this offense has turned this program around and given a program that had gone 5-45 before we got there and installed

this offense to going 42 and 17 the last 5 years with three district championships, two regional titles, and a state runner-up in one of the toughest divisions in the nation."

Billy Mills, HFC, Dinwiddie High School (VA)

I enjoyed the clinic this yr maybe more than ever. Been a client for 8 years. I've got a pretty good understanding of the offense. The secret to success in the TF System is in the details and the unbelievable amount of online resources. After 8 years coming to the clinic, this yr I didn't write down plays or concepts. However I did write every coaching point of those plays & concepts in great detail. I believe this clinic will make me a much better coach. I am so thankful for your system! 9 years ago I watched Coach Eddleman in the playoffs beat the best team in our district with lesser kids. I was amazed at how fast he went and how great he was in the screen game. I didn't know him at all. After his run I called him and asked if we could visit about how he went fast and his screen game. He said he could do even better and referred me to your system. It has changed my career completely. I've been in quarterfinals 6 of the last 7 years. We averaged 13 wins the last 6 yrs, Played for a state championship, been Houston Touchdown coach of the year, got a big raise, been offered multiple HS and college jobs. Several of my coaches have become head coaches and others have moved up as coordinators. The best stat of all is I've had over 80 kids get their school paid for because of our success and college coaches coming by. I really can't express my gratitude enough. I will be forever grateful! Thank You from the bottom of my heart! 

- your friend Kirk Martin -Manvel HS, TX  2016 Testimonial

"We are 84-5 (at time of printing) and have won 5 of the last 6 Alabama 6A state championships since we attended Tony Franklin's seminars. This is by far the most comprehensive and thorough football seminar in the country. We will always be a client of Tony's!" 

Rush Propst, Head Coach, Hoover HS, AL (pre-season USA Today #1 nationally ranked team) 

Alabama High School Coach of the Year

Tony thanks a lot for everything you do. It's amazing that after 10 years we still come back from the clinic with fresh ideas and an excited attitude. You've meant a lot to us over the years and we appreciate it. Good luck at Middle!

Brett Manning, Lawton McArthur High, Oklahoma

I attended my first clinic in 2006 in Destin, Florida.  It was my first year at Walton High School in the Panhandle and I paid for the clinic out of pocket for myself and 2 assistants. Since then, I have made it a point to attend each year.  Hope to see you in Dallas.  Thanks again and talk soon.

 Lenny Jankowski

Athletic Director/ Head Football Coach

Vero Beach High School

Thank you Coach. I truly hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so fortunate to do the job we get to do everyday.  I am truly blessed. I would have never been the Coach I am today if I had not been watching an Auburn Bowl game and learned about Tony Franklin. You have truly made me a great Coach, I could never thank you enough for sharing your wisdom, and I don't just mean the x and o's part. Happy Holidays.

Randy Ragland, Head Coach Middle Creek High, NC to TF Thanksgiving text 2017

Coach we are prepping for our Championship game this evening as we speak. It is our first appearance in 25 years. I Can't thank you enough. The best decision 

I've made as a head coach was becoming a client.

Anthony Cracco-Mepham High, NY- text to TF 11/17/2017

Really have a deep appreciation for the TFS more than ever after being involved.  What you provide really has helped me both personally and schematically.  Probably more off the field than on.  Thanks for all you do.

Chris Hatcher-Head Coach, Samford University-text to TF Thanksgiving 2017

Must tell u-- over the last 2-3 weeks I have opened each of your emails and listened to the phone calls-- And i must say ur words have been exactly what I need.. each day it's something I have thought about or doubting n myself-- I want to say THANKS!!!! U do so much for us High school coaches-- and I know if I ever needed I can just call or text.. You may never realize how much u help or mean to me as a football coach and a person-- again-- Thanks for being so open and honest.

Brent Thompson-North Hardin, Ky. Head Coach 10/03/2017-email to TF

Hi Coach, I wanted to give you an update. I've been a client since 2008. Last year at Northland Christian in Houston, TX you may remember we led the Nation in scoring offense on our way to an undefeated season and state championship. This past June I accepted the Head job at Lakeside HS in Louisiana. I inherited a program that had not won a game in 3 years and had lost 23 games a row and hadn't won a conference game in 4 years. I'm honored & proud to say we are 5-1 and all the losing streaks are over. We have one of the top scoring offenses in Louisiana and our Sophomore QB is in the Top 5 in the state in passing yards and TD's. It's been an incredible story & turnaround up to this point. Just wanted you to know. 

Coach Jason McClendon to TF Thanksgiving 2017-Lakeside High, La.

I inherited a program that had lost 23 games in a row and hadn’t won a game in 3 years or a District game in 4 years. We tied the school record for wins in a season & made the playoffs for only the 5th time in school history. Broke dozens of school offensive records. Thanks! We also had the 3 largest gates/school attendance in history & got the Booster Club out of debt and in the Black for the first time in 8 years. Yes it was a season of many firsts at Lakeside. Thanks Coach!

Jason McClendon Dec 2017

"Thanks to the TFS for all the help! All Saints won its 3rd state championship in 4 years!"  


We transitioned from a wishbone team to a shotgun Tony Franklin System team over the last few seasons and our results are remarkable. Last season we went to the state championship game where we lost to another TFS team and this year we are 8-0 and averaging 48 points per game (finished season 15-0). Our players love this system and are having more fun than ever before. The teaching tools are incredible and easy to use and easy and the conference calls, and daily updates on our dedicated website make this the best football consulting system in the country! Thanks for all you guys do!  

Joe Morris - Mayfield High, Ky.

"This was our first year in the system, and we finished the 2008 regular season with a perfect 10-0 record after going 0-10 during the 2007 season. We went to the second round of the AHSAA playoffs. Our final 2008 record was11 wins and 1 loss. We became the first school in AHSAA history to go from 0-10 to 10-0 in consecutive years. Also, our offense set a school record for points scored during the season with 427 for an average of 35.6 points per game. Looking forward to the seminar!"

Richard White - Dadeville High School, Dadeville, AL

Just a note to say thank you for making this offense available and so simple to learn.
Since implementing this offense in 2008, we have an overall record of 45-5
including 4 straight playoff appearances. We are currently 3-0 for the 2012
Our offense has averaged 36.5 points per game over this 4 year span. I wish I
had done this 10 years ago.
Richard White Dadeville H S, Dadeville, AL

"Thanks to The Tony Franklin System my teams have won at least 2-3 games more per season! Because of this I was able to go from a 2A Head Coach to landing my "dream" job at a 4A school. Between my wife and me we will make $33,000 more this year!!!! I firmly believe this opportunity would not have happened if I had not been a "System" client for the last three years."  

Randy Jackson - Mesquite Poteet HS, TX

I just wanted to let all of you know that we just completed another championship season. We won our second consecutive class 's' state championship and our 10th overall this season. We went to the system in 2007 and in 4 years we are 33- 13 and have 2 state championships! Our QB (my son) set the Connecticut state passing records for completions, TD passes, yards passing and total yards for his career. We look forward to seeing you again- in Philly. Thanks so much.

Joseph A. Della Vecchia, Head Football Coach, St. Joseph High School, 2009 and 2010 CT State Champions

Wanted to drop you a note about our season. Was the best season in school history, 13-0 SWC and Class L State Champions. We scored a state best 638 points (49 pts per game). We won every game by 40 Plus points, except the State Championship where we beat the 4 time defending state champs and fellow client New Canaan 50-20. In that game we had 533 yards of offense. Our junior QB was named Gatorade State player of the year. For the season he was 200 for 295 for 3345yrds and 40 TD's. Our Jr RB rushed for just over 1500. Not bad for a state that has a rule that you can't win by more than 50. 6 Times this year we didn't attempt a pass in the second half. 

2 out of the 4 State Champions in CT TF clients. (Us and St Joes)
4 of the 8 Finalists TF clients. (Trumbull, St Joes, Masuk, New Canaan)
Top 3 QB's statistically in CT all TF. 

John Murphy, Head Football Coach, Masuk High School, Monroe Ct,2010 Class L State Champions

We are wholesale TF clients. We have great participation and our numbers continue to grow because we are able to get so many athletes involved. We really appreciated the seminar this year as there were a few new wrinkles that we gained from. I especially liked the wrong way runs and also the paired plays that were checked at the line. I really like being able to get into the best play. In addition to the freeze, this is just another way to do that. This is a tremendous program that provides great teaching tools for all the coaches and players. It is like no other clinic. The tools that are provided DVDs, The System Website, jump drive, practice plans, cutups, message boards, and conference calls are invaluable. With these tools, there is no excuse not to know this offense inside and out. It has made me and my staff much better coaches. My kids are having a blast and are the real ones benefiting. The only ones that I would not recommend this to are the other 4A coaches in the state of Texas!"

Kirk Martin - Manvel HS, TX 

"Manvel Mavericks are rolling. 3 years into moving up to a 6A (Texas largest classification) we are undefeated and ranked #3 in the Harris poll. We are also ranked in the top 15 nationally for the first time. We are averaging 50 points per game and over 500 yards per game. My freshman team is also undefeated and averaging over 50ppg running the System too! I love this offense! Thanks Tony!" 


I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the help you have given me and my coaching staff over the years. The Macon County Bulldogs have just won their first State Championship in 20 years! We used every resource you provided to put us on the path of this championship. The system allowed us to set the new Georgia High School touchdown passing record of 56 touchdowns in a single season. It also allowed us to have two 1,000-yard receivers and a 1,000-yard rusher. Our quarterback was also the State Class A player of the year. We had an excellent year, and we extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for you and your staff. – DEXTER COPELAND, HFC MACON COUNTY HS, GA

This was our first year in the system & what a ride it was. We won 9 games(most wins in school history), qualified for the state quarterfinals & had the highest scoring offense in school history at 30.6 ppg. Our Qb set every major school passing record & our top receiver set every major school receiving record. But we weren't just a pass happy team our starting F had 900 yards rushing & that was after missing 3 games with injuries. We even had an offensive lineman win the district lineman of the year. The players had more fun than ever & truly loved practicing this offense. That right I said they loved PRACTICE! Our stands were packed each week. NASCAR is a must we turned close games into blowouts with Nascar drives. The system camp is a huge benefit as well. Thank you to everyone that makes this thing go. Can't wait for this year's clinic!

Rodney Ellison, Head Football Coach/Alternative School Teacher

I just wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude once again to Tony. Everyone involved in the "System" that has helped us along the way. I recently forwarded you the newspaper article from last night's game. It mentions the records our QB broke and a couple of other nice details. What it leaves out is that since 2007 when we started utilizing the system, we are currently 39-7. Next Tuesday's game as the article mentioned will be our 2nd State Title game appearance in the last 3 years. Our parents thank me on a consistent basis for putting their sons in situations that they can be successful. I wanted to share that praise with you.

Ron Beacom, Archbishop Bergan Catholic HS, Fremont, NE

We won our quarterfinal game yesterday 63-0! We are now #1 in American in Scoring Offense and average points per game! Fast, Fight Finish! – 


Just wanted to thank The System for our recent success. I took over a program that had won 69 games since 1984 and in three years when I came in we have won 16 games and made the playoffs for only the 7th time in the process. Our QB has broken the Oklahoma record for passing yards in a game with 629 completions in a game with 42 and TD passing in a game with 8 This season his Sr. year he also became Oklahoma's all-time leading passer with 11,357 yards passing and 111 TD. He is the only Oklahoma quarterback to ever throw for over 10k yards. Thanks again so much for the seminar and resources.
Forrest Mazey, Head Football Coach, Atoka High School, Atoka, Ok 

Here is my advice… Only consider purchasing the TFS it if you want to win a lot more games, score the most points you have ever scored, and get a bunch of kids to really love the game. If used correctly your coaches will also get to spend more time with their families. The wives and kids enjoy that piece. Good Luck!" – 


"We won a HUGE one, Tied for first . Tell Tony what he said on the conference call, triggered my brain during the game, and I stuck with what was working and the kids crushed the number one defense in the area. They only allowed 100 yards of total offense, we had 300 in the first half !!!!" 

Steve Allosso, HFC Minnechaug Regional, MA






“Tony has an awesome ability to get the best out of his players. I will miss his speeches to the offense. He made me want to play again. He is not afraid to dream big, something I will take with me wherever I go.” 

ROB LIKENS- Offensive Coordinator, Kansas (current OC Arizona State)

"Our QB broke the Career Passing Yards Record for the state of Texas (all classifications) on Friday in a 62-0 win over Wheeler.  For the game, he was 18 of 22 for 336 yards and 4 TDs.  For his career, he is 1024 of 1637 for 14261 yards and 161 TDs.  We finished the regular season at 10-0 (first time in school history).  Thank ya'll for all that ya'll do." 


Becoming a client has done wonders for my career. Since joining, my teams have an overall record of 45-10 at three different schools (42-3 in the last four years). Our offense is functioning at it's highest level… Thanks for all you guys do." 


"Madison East with 787 yards of total offense last night in first win in almost 3 years. Leading Conference in total offense with the System. Word just came in we broke state record for total yards in a game too!!!"  

Coach Bessac, MEHS, WI, first year client

"I loved the clinic! …wouldn't change much because nobody does a clinic like the Tony Franklin System. The genius is really the fact that the mission and philosophy has not changed over the years, but the new tags, concepts, schemes and slight variations keep all of us on the cutting edge of this sport." 


"Just going to say thank you. Also to let you know that with the help of Tony. Horseshoe Bend post the most regular season wins in school
history with 8-2 mark. We've broken all the records for the offensive side of
the ball. We averaged 473 yds a game, 41.3 pts a game. Thanks for everything." 


"We just won our 5th game last night 43-42 and qualified for playoffs for the second time in the school's 40 year history.  QB threw for 481 yards and 5 TDs. Tell Tony we said thank you for everything.  This school only won 1 game last year." 


"Best game of the year Friday. Beat a very good team with 540 yards of total offense.  Sunday conference call and Tony's suggestion of post/wheel got us two long TDs! Thanks Tony! 


"You've put La Tech back on the national map! Honestly Tony, if we weren't doing what we are doing right now we'd just be an average team in Texas. Coming to that seminar back in '06 was one of the best decisions I've ever made as a head coach. As long as I've been coaching practice and games has never been more fun. It's exactly like you said it would be years ago and I have you to thank for that! Keep rollin." 

Mark Howard, HFC Frisco Centennial

"...We are playing in Round 3 of the 3A playoffs here in KS. It is the farthest our school has ever been... We are a first year client and have been leading the entire state in yardage most of the season (All Classes)... Looking forward to year two of being a client. Thanks for the great advice." 

Jeff Werner, Sedgwick KS-10-1 on the season, 1st ever Regional Champs - in the final 8!

I just wanted to write and thank you for all of your help and support this season. We upset the number 6 ranked team in our section and the 20th ranked in the SF Bay Area Friday night by scoring 21 points in the last 3:43. The win secured a playoff spot for our boys! We are currently 6-3 which is a huge improvement over our 2-8 season last year. We are scoring more points than we ever have and currently our QB is fifth in the state of California in yards passing. Not too bad for a first year client. We will only get better! Please pass on my thanks to Coach Franklin as his weekly insights on the conference calls have been very helpful as we navigate the new offense! 

Tim Lugo, HFC Saratoga HS, CA

Coronado is currently 7-2. We have secured a second seed in the playoffs and will host Las Vegas HS in the first round. First time in school history Coronado has hosted a playoff game. We will get after em. Thanks for all the help with our kids and Coronado HS Football. 

Brad Talich, HFC Coronado NV

"Danbury goes 8-1 last night to clinch a playoff spot for the first time since 1984. Doesn't happen without TF System!! Thanks for all the help" 

Jimmy Thomas, HFC Danbury TX

In our first year running the system, we improved our record from 4-7 to 14-1 and lost in the state championship game on December 8th.  Our sophomore quarterback passed for 4,061 yards and 54 TDs, which is a new Virginia High School league record.  I just wanted to inform you of this success and thank you for all the help from your clinic and throughout the season. 

John Fulks, Essex VA

This is our first year in the system and we have increased our offensive output to 33 pts/game. Scored 40 or more 4 times. So far we are 5-3 and battling for some home playoff games. Our quarterback just shattered school and county records in our previous game. We won 40-36. Scored last TD with 33 secs left. He was 35-53-3 for 521 yards and 4 TD's.YES! 521YARDS!!!! He rushed for a TD as well. We had 3 WR's break 100 yards in the game too. X had 8 catches for 103 yards and 1 TD, H had 8 catches 109 yards and 1 TD, and Z had 11 catches and 210 yards with 2 TD's. Conference calls and the discussion forums along with video reviews, have helped us tremendously!! Can't wait for the upcoming clinic. Thanks to Tony for all their help!!

Nick Entas, Ashbrook High School-Offensive Coordinator

Mr. Franklin, Wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful system! I am a first year head coach, and a first year client of this wonderful system. This was a great investment for myself, and for my team! I inherited an 0-10 team that came with a lot of problems. We are changing the culture here, and are currently 4-1! We game plan great, practice great, and the kids are having a great time. I'm not interested in breaking any records, having insane stats, but only with winning games. Because of your system we are doing that! Thanks again, and I will be a client for life!!!!!

Hank Willis Jr. , Poteet High School, Poteet Texas 

Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how we are doing. In the previous 3 seasons at Falkville they have been 4-26. Since we got here in May we have started to have a great turnaround. We are 4-0 and leading our region (Falkville hasn't been 4-0 since 1992). We are averaging 38 points a game and 377 yds per game. Our kids love the offense and love going to practice. Football is fun again. Please tell Tony and the gang that THE SYSTEM is alive and well in Falkville, AL.

Joel Schrenk, Falkville, Al.

Just wanted to keep you posted on what is happening with Westminster High School `s Football program. Attached are the two latest articles on the Westminster Owls. Last Friday we beat Martinsburg West Virginia, two time defending State 3A Champions and winners of 32 straight, 36 -33. A great win for our program !!!!!! This offense is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!


Just a note to say thank you for making this offense available and so simple to learn.
Since implementing this offense in 2008, we have an overall record of 45-5
including 4 straight playoff appearances. We are currently 3-0 for the 2012
Our offense has averaged 36.5 points per game over this 4 year span. I wish I
had done this 10 years ago. Thanks,
Richard White Dadeville H S, Dadeville, AL

Before implementing “the system” we were ranked 109,111,112, and 113th in NCAA division 1 offense. The last 2 seasons we have been in the top 20 as well as winning back to back conference championships.  I strongly endorse “the system” as an exciting offense that can give you immediate winning results!

Larry Blakeney Troy University Head Coach

After coaching the wing-T for most of my career I was introduced to “the system” in 2004. As a former player and disciple of “Bear Bryant” I would have never believed that I could have so much fun and success throwing the football! We have been able to get players out for football that would have never played had we been still running the wing-T. We have broken numerous offensive records but the best thing since implementing “the system” is that we have a 51-9 record, have upset nationally ranked top 25 teams, have had 3 regular seasons with 10-0 records, and have won 4 region championships. 

Robert Higginbotham Tuscaloosa County, Al.  Head Coach-second most winning active coach in Alabama history

“The System  Seminars have helped our offensive production tremendously over  the past two seasons.  The teaching details have been extremely beneficial to our offensive staff.  This offense is driven by attention to details and that’s exactly what you get from ‘The System.’  If you’re looking for an edge, the System is where to find it.”

Scott Parr-Offensive Coordinator-West Texas A&M University (nations #1 passing and #3 total offense in 2007)-NCAA playoff participant (Current OC Eastern Illinois)

Just wanted to let you know that the Seminar this past weekend in New Jersey was by far the most informative football clinic / seminar that I have attended in my 25 years of coaching. The attention to detail was incredible...

 Coach Brad Wilson, Head Varsity Football Coach, Westminster High School

Changing to your system Tony was the best decision that I have ever made in 26 years of coaching! Thank you for making it available to us high school coaches and perfecting and tweaking your system each year!
Gerry Yonchiuk, Head Football Coach, Lebanon High School

“Tony, we just beat last year’s state finalist and district champion 34-7. Their coach all week said in every interview, “They ain’t scoring no 40 points on us.” Needless to say, we were praying to get the ball back at the end in scoring position to get that 40. Oh well, we’ll just take the 10-0 record and District Championship! 3-7 (2004), 4-6 (2005), 10-0 (2006). Not too shabby. Our players are better. Our defense is better. Our coaches are better. We would have been good this year running our old offense. However, with the Tony Franklin System in place, we have been GREAT!” (11-0 as of this printing) 

Neil Weiner – Head Coach, Catholic High (PC), New Roads, LA

“Tony, I wanted to update you on our progress with the system: 3-0 record, 46.7 points per game, 456 yards per game (206 rushing/250 passing), 68% completions/9 TDs/2 Ints, 10 different players have receptions and 7 different players have TD receptions. Last week, we led 42-0 at halftime with 413 yards (286 passing and 4 TD passes). We set school records with 363 yards passing and 5 TD passes. WE BELIEVE!!!!!! (9-1 as of this printing) 

Rodney Webb – Head Coach, Royse City HS, TX

 “The Marion Wildcats are 7-1 and won a share of the South Seven Conference title. Only the 4th title in 85 years! Matt leads all area passers in every category and only has 4 interceptions all year. Nascar has been amazing. I think we play better in an up tempo pace.” (10-2 for 2006) 

Kerry Martin – Head Coach, Marion HS, Illinois

(3 state championships-12 straight years in playoffs) -“My staff and I enjoyed the best Super Bowl Sunday ever! (Day 2 of the Nashville seminar took place during the 2005 Super Bowl) ...the best clinic I have ever attended in my 35 years of coaching. I love THE SYSTEM...” 

Fred Yancey-Head Coach-Briarwood Christian School, Birmingham, Al

“WOW! NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT! I have coached over 25 years.... been to hundreds of clinics across the USA.... been state and nationally ranked in the big school division in Ohio.... won a big-school state championship.... and, I HAVE NEVER, EVER SEEN ANYTHING AS GOOD AS "THE SYSTEM". You have done an incredibly wonderful job putting it together! Positively spectacular!!!! You're great! 

Darrell Mayne-Head Coach- Troy High, Michigan

“...by far the best organized, most informative, and thorough clinic...I have ever attended. Since going to this offense in 2000, we have averaged 12 wins per season and set numerous Alabama High School offensive records...your clinics keep our offense new and unpredictable. I know your ideas have made the winning difference in many games.” 

Perry Swindall- Head Coach-Russellville High, Al. (3 straight 5A state championship games)

“...only 3 DVD’s to go, it’s like a great book...I don’t want to put it down...truly unlike anything I’ve seen in coaching ...so detailed... makes me rethink the standard clinic format that I’ve been attending the past 20 years.” 

Kerry Martin-Head Coach-Marion High-Marion, Illinois

“...without a doubt the most informative and useful clinic I have ever attended. I am certain it will make a big difference in our season this fall.” 

Rob Zimmerman-Head Coach- DeWitt High, Michigan (2002, 2003, 2004 state finalist)

“Tony Franklin hits a grand slam this year! Just when you think you have seen the best he has to offer he comes up better...my third year attending and I could have stayed a week!...forget the others...this is the clinic!”

 Maurice Dixon- Defensive Coordinator-North Gwinnett, GA






"...It has changed my career completely.... We averaged 13 wins in 6 seasons, played for 2 state championships, been Coach of the Year, got a big raise, and been offered multiple HS and college jobs... The best stat of all is I've had over 80 kids get their school paid for because of our success..."



"...Perhaps no program in high school football has benefited more since joining the Tony Franklin System than New Canaan High School in Connecticut. In twelve seasons running the system we have a 133-19 record with eight State Championships. Without any doubt it has been the BEST investment we have made. The personalized instruction with the Clinics, plus the weekly conference calls and having all your questions answered, has helped us immeasurably.”



“...by far the finest coaching seminar I have attended in my 12 years of coaching...the details and sheer volume of materials and support provided after the clinic set this event apart. The Tony Franklin clinic will improve the way you coach and approach the game...knowing I can contact Tony at any time to ask for his guidance is an added bonus!” 

Jep Irwin- Offensive Coordinator, Pelham High

 “Tony Franklin’s clinic is by far the best I have ever attended. The information each coach receives blew me away. You can install his offense after 3 days and with all the video and reference information you get you always have something to refer back to.” 

Shawn “Boss” Bostick- Assistant Head Coach, Offensive Line-Valdosta State University-2004 NCAA Division 2 National Champions (current OL coach Samford)

“...unique to any clinic you have ever attended...worth every penny and more...the best our staff has ever attended...3 intense days of how to perfectly implement a system and then an entire year of follow-up!” 

David Barnes-Head Coach- Caldwell County High, KY

“High tech, detail driven, paint by numbers system...the best clinic in the country...no other clinic compares to Tony Franklin’s.” 

John Edge-Head Coach – Owensboro Catholic, Ky. (2004 State Championship Game)

“We went from 3-7 to 12-3 after hiring Tony and attending his seminars. It is by far the best football seminar in the country!” 

Brett Burnett - ( 2- time KY. State finalist and coach of the year)

“In 2002 we averaged 11 points per game. After attending “THE SYSTEM” we averaged 42ppg and went from 2 wins to 8. This was the best investment I’ve ever made as a coach!” 

Maurice Dixon - (former Head Coach-North Broward Prep, Florida)(Current DC Colquitt County Ga)

I'd like to thank Tony & you for everything that you have done for our program. Our players, coaches, & community are having the greatest time of their lives. We are currently 9-0 Regional Champions which is the best this program has done in 22 years.  We are averaging over 420 yards of offense a game & are scoring an average of 40 ppg. There is no doubt the Tony Franklin System is second to none and the resources and consultations can help any program get over the hump to a successful season. 

Ken Gleaton Head Coach-Cullman,Al

 “Thanks Tony just beat Liberty 42 to 21 going to Blacksburg for the State Championship sure glad I opened that flyer 3 years ago!” 

Billy Mills – Dinwiddie Co. High School, Dinwiddie, VA

“Louisiana College posted its first winning season since football returned to the college in 2000. It marks the first winning season since 1961. The Wildcats finished 7-3. Senior quarterback Derek Lewis led the conference in passing and three LC receivers finished in the top 5 of every receiving category. This was my third season at LC after a long high school coaching career at Evangel Christian in Shreveport, Louisiana where we won 10 state titles and the 1999 National Championship. 

Dennis Dunn – Louisiana College, LA – First Year Client 

2nd Most Winning Active Coach in AL History “After coaching the wing-T for most of my career I was introduced to “the system” in 2004. As a former player and disciple of “Bear Bryant” I would have never believed that I could have so much fun and success throwing the football! We have been able to get players out for football that would have never played had we been still running the wing-T. We have broken numerous offensive records but the best thing since implementing “the system” is that we have a 51-9 record, have upset nationally ranked top 25 teams, have had 3 regular seasons with 10-0 records, and have won 4 region championships.” 

Robert Higginbotham – Head Coach Tuscaloosa County, AL

“I have been the head football coach at New Canaan High School in New Canaan, Connecticut for 28 years. During my tenure at NCHS, we have used various styles of offense and, with each year that passed, we adapted our system to the personnel we had for that season. This resulted in a conglomerate of offensive theories, plans and methods of communication that became wordy, confusing and difficult to follow and teach. The Tony Franklin System brought simplicity, clarity and efficiency to our offense, and it played an integral part in our winning back to back state championships. This fast-paced system has had an amazing effect on our program, and our players and coaches love it.” 

Lou Marinelli – Head Coach, New Canaan, CT

“The System has been a great addition to our football program. It has rejuvenated our players and coaches. Our program had been successful in previous years. We were looking for something to take us to the next level. The System did just that as we won a State Championship in our first year... The staff is supportive and gives feedback throughout the year. We highly recommend The System.” 

Kyle Lynch – Head Football Coach, Canadian HS, TX 

 Over the years, we have spent literally thousands of dollars on clinics, instructional videos, camps and the like when you include travel and hotel expense, etc. However, we had always done it in bits and pieces (nickel and diming) and the results were we received bits and pieces of information that we were forced to try to fit into what we were currently trying to do. 

This past year, we knew we needed to look at things differently and invested into an entire system with the Tony Franklin System. Again, the results were what we paid for, we received an entire system. We received not just X’s and O's, but great application for the theory, with practice planning, game planning, personnel usage, and the whole nine yards. It is the first clinic I ever walked away from knowing I would carry the clinic with me on DVD and have continued access to the expertise knowledge just shared with me throughout the year via the phone or internet. Not to mention, the added bonus of being able to bring my kids to your camp, where you helped us learn how to practice within the system. It completely changed how we look at the game of football and most definitely has altered my approach to clinics. Our kids love it, our coaches love it, our parents love it and our fans love it.” 

Ron Beacom – Head Coach, Archbishop Bergan HS, NE

"Best football weekend we have been to as a staff. We learned more and used more than any other clinic we have been to. Our staff is super excited. We've been working since we got back. Thanks again!" 


"Looking forward to implementing ideas from the Nashville seminar. Thanks for all you've done for us in 9 years and what you do for high school football." 


"Great clinic as always. This was year 10 and I still come away as impressed as the first year!" 





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