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Nationwide 1:1 BadAss Coaches & QB Training

On-Site at your School
1 & 2 Day Options



I will come to your school nationwide! Pick your date below! Financing available. PO Invoicing Available 



Single Day: $3,000      Two Day: $5,000

  (Once paid in full you’ll get my full video teaching library of more than 500 hours of training at NO EXTRA COST-it sells today for $2995 without my consulting…and you’ll get it for no extra cost).


Financing available below!!



Over the next few months, in between Bootcamps, I’m committed to on-site training of
coaches and players on your team. I’ll be traveling door-to-door
throughout the state doing 7 am to 7 pm BadAss training for offensive
coaches and players. Instead of renting a hotel and doing a
presentation to hundreds or thousands of coaches at once, I am doing
it one on one with coaches or coaching staffs and possibly their
Imagine this: A full day dedicated to WHAT YOU WANT TO LEARN AND
What A Sample Day Might Look Like:
7am to 9am: Building Your Offense-The Must Do’s
9am to 11am: Evaluating and Designing Your Personnel and Style
11am to 1pm: Making Your Playbook
1pm to 3pm: Creating Your Practice Schedule and Game 1 Gameplan Script
4pm to 6pm: QB Training and Evaluating: Live on Your Field with Your QB’s
6pm to 7pm: Q & A and Finishing Touches
Other Possible Topics: Recruiting Seminar for Parents & Players,
Motivational & Life Tools For Players, Middle School & Peewee League


Background Info:


When I started this business in 2001, I did 95% of my work individually
with 1 school at a time. Many of those coaches and players went onto become championship coaches, millionaires, and state and national
record holders. I even had one coach famously pay me to teach him the
offense, simply because he wanted to learn it’s weaknesses and how to
stop it! He went on to become a multi-millionaire college coach!
Quarterbacks benefited from my training to become Mr. Football in their states, college starters at every level, as well as eventual national
champs, and multimillionaire NFL players. Another high school coach flew in to visit me even though he was winning 12-13 games every year and scoring 40 plus points per game. He asked me if he came to spend a day with me would it help him to finally get over the hump and win a championship? He went 15-0 and averaged over 50 points and from there went on to college to become a
multi-millionaire head coach.
The crazy thing is that I don’t charge much more today (some coaches
can book me for less than $100 a month…$2997 total and another $2997 free value) than I did 20 years ago, even though since those days I went on to become one of college football’s most successful innovators and creators, leading the nation in offense and score,
winning championships, and creating the #1 pick in the NFL draft. I’ll be honest. I miss the one-on-one teaching with a staff and its players. So, for a brief time I’m going back out and doing one-on-one consulting. If you want to learn from the best teacher consultant in the world…and you want him to come to you, then act fast. 

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